Pricing Structure at Invexstar Financials

At Invexstar Financials, we have designed a comprehensive, customer-centric pricing structure reflective of our desire to prioritize the needs of our clients. We offer competitive pricing built to accommodate the specific budgets and requirements of a diverse industry range. With no bare-minimum billing requirements, clients can avail our services for scalable project sizes. Our sizable team of experienced analysts is available to execute any ad-hoc projects, as well. The final pricing is largely determined by the project type, the number of resources allocated, and the expertise level required to accomplish the work, which may require the skills of either Analysts or Senior Analysts.

Contact us with any inquiries and we will discuss with you all of your pricing options, and will provide a no-obligation quote.


Our financial analysts have extensive market research experience and are highly qualified and credentialed CFA or MBAs. Understanding that research requirements vary across different market segments, all financial solutions are tailored to meet the client’s requirements and focus on both near-term and long-term success.

Our clients also benefit from the diverse language and delivery capabilities of our teams in India.

At Invexstar, we are committed to bring the right mix of the talent, experience, best methodologies and deploying capabilities from across multi-disciplinary practice teams at every stage of the project.

Business Research Services

The majority of our Business Research Services start at an hourly rate of $25.00, depending on the scale of the project. This service range includes Market and Competitor Profiling, Business Development Support, and more.

Financial Research Services

Most of Research Optimus Financial Research Services begin at $27.00 per hour and can scale according to the project details. Services are comprised of Financial Modeling, Investment Banking Support, Business Valuations, and Pitch Books.

Data Analytics

Our extensive range of Data Analytics Services starts at an hourly rate of $35.00. We offer Predictive Modeling, Text and Sentiment Analytics, Retail Analytics, Risk Analytics, Survey Analytics, and much more.


For the long term or ongoing ventures, Invexstar Financials suggests businesses to take advantage of our affordable Full-Time Employee (FTE) Rates. Companies can utilize our Analysts as dedicated resources (FTE), with a full-time equivalent rate of 160 working hours per month. FTE Pricing for Business and Financial Research starts at a monthly rate of $3,300.00 per Analyst.

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