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Information is a priced asset when it comes to financial markets, If investors take investment decisions based on misinterpreted or miscalculated information, losses can be tremendous to both the company and the investor. Invexstar is a leading independent equity research firm dedicated to help clients improve their investment results with honest and unbiased investment opinions.

In order to capture the interest of the emerging growth companies, our analysts practice both actionable and theme-based research with an “alpha goal”. We provide qualitative and quantitative information on a company with historical data, structured forecast models, valuation, and sensitivity analysis.

Who We Work With

Our research-driven model is geared towards having a comprehensive knowledge across industries such as Financial Services, Technology, Real Estate, Communications, Healthcare, and Transportation, among other sectors that are listed on the Stock Exchange.

Investment firms are always thinking of the bottom line and how it impacts their investors and investment performance. Improving your equity research and paying close attention to how much it really costs you is a prudent strategy — and selecting Invexstar Financials is a practical way to improve your bottom line for research.

Services Portfolio

1. Fundamental Analysis: Our team of experts uses both top- down and bottom-up investment philosophies to determine the exact worth of the stock/share/company in consideration.

2. Economic Analysis: We give you detailed insights into the economic aspect like industry market size, GDP, competition aspects etc. to help you make better, informed decision on the company under consideration.

3. Industry Analysis: We conduct industry analysis from a global perspective to understand the demand and supply ratio of the industry’s products. Economic and political factors are also reviewed to get a deeper understanding of investment viability.

4. Company Analysis: We conduct thorough research on non-financial parameters such as policies, management, leadership, corporate vision, and competitive advantage. The financial statement is also evaluated using accounting ratios to understand the financial prospectus of the company.

5. Thematic Research: We encode qualitative information, highlighted and sorted into themes to gain deeper knowledge and insights of the company.

6. Sector Analysis: We provide a detailed assessment of the economic and financial condition of major sectors with a focus to increase the reward to risk ratio.

7. Financial Statement Analysis: Our experts dig into the historical balance sheet, cash flows and income statement to furnish our clients with detailed research reports on how the company did in the past.

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“Summing up things in one word, EXCELLENT ! You must consult invexstar, there is simply no other way when you are looking for financial services and or modeling.”

David M.
Director, ILC

Shalin is an excellent financial analyst. Very cooperative, patient and above all very competent. He delivered as required and in fact exceeded that with his command in the subject. I am certainly going back to him for similar work.

Debbie Kübel-Sorger
Chairman, Kreutz Airlines

Why Choose Us

1. Deep Domain Expertise: The average tenure of our analysts is 8 years which means that we not only understand the industry fundamentals but also deep dive into the psychology of the investors resulting in catalyst-driven products.

2. In-Depth Quantitative Analysis: Our research analysts use collaborative research model and go beyond traditional channel checks to help clients capitalize on current opportunities.

3. Elite Network of Leaders: We are supported by a group of widely acclaimed CFAs, MBAs and Quant Experts with more than 15 years of experience in the equity market.

4. Regular Updates:  Get access to the most relevant and timely information to address the specific challenges of the market. We offer high quality tailored research to profit in the global financial market.

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Pricing & Engagement Options

Flexible hourly pricing methodology for one-time research needs, and dedicated full-time equivalent resource allocation for on-going projects.

Quality Systems

Standard quality assurance and defined quality polices to ensure data collection and presentation accuracy levels are consistent.

Security and Confidentiality

Customer information and project confidentiality secured by Non-disclosure Agreements and project data by workstation security policies.

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